Teaching Philosophy

Meurig has helped thousands of students all across the world realize their potential and enjoy the great game of golf. He has done this by employing one simple philosophy - K.I.S.S! 

The number of students that walk in completely frustrated and are sick and tired of constantly hitting a slice, their irons fat or sculling chip shots have the same problem: 

They have completely overcomplicated their game and are not fixing the actual problem that is causing all this. Then they stand over the ball with "their head full of cuddly toys (too many swing thoughts)," as one of Meurig's mentors would say.

Meurig has taught the same basic principle of K.I.S.S since he started instructing. Every student comes in with either a goal in mind or a problem the teaching approach remains the same.

1. Identify the actual problem(s)
2. Make sure that the students understands the problem and chain reaction effect. 
3. Break it down into manageable pieces
4. Feel versus real (man that can be a hard pill to swallow)
5. Practice effectively and correctly (don't just bang balls and call it practice- muscle memory is key!
6. K.I.S.S 

Many students want to know the next piece of the puzzle even before they have mastered the first piece. While this is understandable, until you own the first piece of the puzzle, you cannot move on. Otherwise, you are back to your head being full of cuddly toys again.
Does this mean more than 1 lesson?
Probably! It takes time to change a habit of a lifetime. Many students fall back into the same bad habit without even realizing that they have done so. During the first few lessons we are typically working on the same 1 or 2 problems that were identified in the very initial lesson. Once the student feels comfortable with the new motion and it has become "second nature" then its time to work on the next piece. 
Is it all teaching?
No, it is not. The student has to be willing to put in the EFFORT and dedicate their time to practice effectively. Meurig is a firm believer in the 3,000 reps rule in order to change a habit of a lifetime. The student also has to accept that there may be a few bumpy stretches of road along the way in order to improve (2 steps forward one step back). Dragon Golf provides the student with multiple tools and drills to accelerate learning and minimize the bumpy times. 
What tools does Dragon Golf use to help you learn?

"In golf, what you think you’re doing isn’t what you’re actually doing"

This is why Dragon Golf Instruction invested in the state-of-the-art JC Video System that incorporates high speed video cameras and feedback to accurately diagnose swing flaws. Students are issued specific drills (when needed) that can be sent via text or email.  

In January 2021 continued investing into technology with Flightscope X3 3D radar which provides 53
 unique measurements of club, ball and swing data to further narrow down swing flaws and provide feedback for both student and teacher. 

In January 2021 will also bring BodiTak Pressure Mapping System to Dragon Golf Instruction. This system will give students real time data on how they interact with the ground to improve weight shift and power during their swing. 



Why more than 1 lesson? GAME PLAN
From years of experience Meurig understands that most students have a number of flaws in their mechanics that have become second nature. Dragon Golf develops a game plan for each student who really wants to improve. It takes time, a tremendous amount of practice and repetition (3,000 reps) to work the poor mechanics out of muscle memory. However, by working on one piece of the puzzle at a time, the changes are more manageable and have a higher probability of becoming a natural part of the swing. 
Drills and homework
A lesson with Dragon Golf Instruction will include drills and homework to practice on the range to help improve a student's game more quickly. Meurig is a HUGE fan of students doing repetitions without a ball in front of them or even without using a club. It's all about changing "muscle memory" and developing new patterns in a student's swing and mechanics. The 3,000 repetitions rule does not mean that you have to hit 3,000 balls. THAT IS THE KEY! 

Dragon Golf Instruction endorses Tour Striker, George Gankas Box and Explanar training aids.